Are you facing any problem with Wireless router? Here are the Solutions

These days having access to wifi at home and office is very important. Nowadays, no one waste money for internet offers, rather place a wifi connection at home. Wifi provides you with good speed and unlimited usage. So everyone tend to have wifi connection at home. Sometimes you also face an unhappy situation with wifi. Here are the tips to troubleshoot your wireless router problems.

Check for overheating

Like any other electronic device, routers can stop working due to overheating. This overheating can damage the router over time or just make it unstable. Check your router’s temperature to see how hot it is. If it seems very hot, ensure that it is getting enough airflow. If the vents are blocked or you have the router in a hot location, like on top of a tower PC that heats up. Overheating could be causing instability. It is also possible that past overheating may have damaged the router.

Reboot the router

If you are facing with slow network, dropping of connection or your wireless is flaking out, just switch off your wifi router for seconds and then switch on it. This shouldn’t be necessary, but many routers seem to need an occasional reboot to keep working well. The reboot process is simple on most routers. You need to unplug your router’s power cable, wait a few seconds, and then plug it back in. If you have separate modem, you may also want to try unplugging your modem’s power cable and plugging it back in after a few seconds. Some devices may have a power switch, but the unplug and plug back in method applies to all routers.

Reposition the router

If you are having trouble with your wifi signal, you will want to try repositioning the best routers under $100. Ensure nothing is blocking the wireless signal, particularly large metal objects or devices that can interfere, like microwaves and some types of cordless phones. You should also ensure that the antenna of the router is placed vertically rather than horizontally. The reason for placing the antenna vertically is because it will give you the largest coverage area.

Verify the cables are connected properly

Sometimes, due to the loose connection or improper connection of wifi router, it can cause problem to your wifi. You should check all of the cables involved and ensure that they’re securely connected. Be sure to check the power cables to your router and modem and each ethernet cable plugged into the back of the router. Sometimes, it may look connected but it may not as it may be bit loose.

Replace your wireless channel

If you stay in a location where lots of wireless routers are present, for example in an apartment building, then there is a good chance that your router is subject to interference from other wireless routers sending signals on the same wireless frequency. Determining the optimal wireless channel for your area and changing your router to operate on that wireless channel instead of a more congested one, you can reduce this interference by improving your wireless signal. If you have an android device, then the wifi analyzer app can help you to analyze your area and find the optimal channel.

Reset your router to factory default settings

If you are facing with serious problem then you may try to solve the problem by resetting your router to it’s factory default settings with its configuration. After trying all other measures, you can step into this and try. It’s possible that you have changed certain settings on your router that you shouldn’t have, and it may be easier to revert to a clean slate rather than changing the individual options back. Bear in mind that you will have to reconfigure your router after this, including setting up your wireless network name and passphrase again. You will likely need to long-press a Reset pinhole button on the back of the router to reset its settings, but the exact details will vary from router to router. This is the same process you need to perform to reset your wifi password.

If your router seems unstable no matter what you do or needs frequent resets, consider replacing it. New routers are fairly cheap and dealing with an unstable router can be a huge headache. But if your router is facing with minor issues, then above mentioned tips can be benefitted.…

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Shakeology For Free Every Month? Here’s How I Do It.

As you may or may not already know, I recommend and use the shake meal replacements created by Beachbody called Shakeology. As you may or may not already know, it is a highly nutritious shake that they claim to be the most “nutritious meal of the day“.  It’s a nutritional shake that’s become pretty popular amongst people working out to P90X, INSANITY, Brazil Butt Lift, and other Beachbody workout programs.

Just swing on over to their Facebook fanpage and you’ll see the tens of thousands of “likes” they have and you’ll also see a bunch of people ranting and raving about how great it is.

And to some extend, they are right. I’ve been drinking it for quite some time and it really is a pretty damn nutritious drink that’s helped to give me some pretty good results. One of my favorite things about it is that it helps make eating right just a little bit easier. Short on time? Blend up one of these shakes and bam!… one of your healthy meals is taken care of. Need a quick healthy snack? Blend away with plain old water and your good to go! Very healthy and convenient.

The biggest problem with Shakeology is that, for a whole lot of people, it’s just too expensive.

I see a lot of people on facebook and forums who want Shakeology free samples. I see a lot of people who kind of just want to try  it before they make the full on commitment to it. I also see a lot of people that claim that Shakeology is just too expensive.

It’s for this reason that I want share with you guys how I get a bag of Shakeology free every single month. Look, I’ll be honest, it does take some time and a little bit of creativity and effort but it can be done. So let me show you how I do it.

Step 1 To Getting Shakeology Free – Use It First!

Here is the cold hard truth. You will have to pay for it in the beginning.

Don’t want to hear that? Well, too bad. You are going to have to use the product and actually see if it’s something you’re going to like and also give you results. This is exactly what I did, and since I knew I was going to have to pay for it in the very beginning I figured why pay the full retail price?

I signed up as a Beachbody Coach. And no, I did not sign up to promote the business or make a million dollars, but to simply get the 25% off of the product. I also signed up as a Beachbody Coach for just in case I did like using Shakeology, I could then recommend or promote it and make some commissions from it. I was sort of looking ahead into the near future and setting things up.

The next step is to actually workout and start using it! Isn’t that the whole reason you wanted Shakeology in the first place? Didn’t you want to see what type of results you can get to go along with the workout you are doing?

Well, you better get busy and start using and getting those results (If you work hard and use the Shakeology I promise you that you will!) because that will be the biggest key to getting your Shakeology at zero cost.

Step 2 To Getting Shakeology Free – Start Telling People Your Success Story

Now when I say to go out and tell people about your success story with Shakeology and your workout, do I mean to get out there and tell your mom? Do I mean to start telling your cousin that’s never worked out about your new workout and nutrition plan? How about your friends and co-workers? Short answer…NO!

Don’t start bugging friends and family about Shakeology and how you’ve been working out and getting in shape. Most people, including friends and family just don’t want to hear it. You see, most people are simply caught up in their own little life, going to work, paying their bills, watching their TV shows, or just pretty much doing their own little thing. Sometimes working out and eating right simply isn’t their top priority. The last thing anybody wants is someone (even loving friends or relatives) shoving a new workout or new shake down their throat. They’ll come to that decision in their own time. My advice…only recommend it if they ask you first after seeing your results.

You see, your main objective here is to share your success story with those who are already seeking to change their fitness level and lose some weight. So, how do go abouts finding those people? Simple… They are all over the wonderful world of the Internet!

Every single day, a brand new person wants to start losing weight or start getting in shape. Right now, right this very second, someone just looked up “how to lose weight” online. The key is finding those people and showing them how you have been doing it with the use of Shakeology. So how do you do that? Simple…with YouTube.

Step 3 To Getting Shakeology Free – Create & Upload YouTube Videos

Let’s think back to the success of all those home fitness programs infomercials. Why are they so successful? We never really think about it but it’s real people sharing real sories that appeal so much to us.

Go to your TV right now. No, I mean it. Go turn on your TV and find an infomercial for a fitness program, I’m sure one is on right now. Pay attention and you’ll notice something. Most of the time it will be showing a real person talking about their success story with that particular fitness program. Watch long enough and you’ll notice that 90% of that infomercial is nothing but people sharing their story.

You see, these big companies know what sells, and what sells is people’s stories. The reason is because we can relate to people and their particular situations. A busy mom with kids trying to lose weight, a guy in his mid 30′s that’s getting back in shape, someone that’s 50lbs over weight and is able to lose it. People we can relate to with their struggles and how they overcome them…it’s these types of stories that appeal to us. It’s why we sit there for over 30 minutes and watch these things.

You need to do the same thing. With video cameras becoming so easily available these days, like on phones and others you can get for under $50, this should be pretty easy. If you are camera shy or feel uncomfortable doing this, guess what? You better just keep paying for your Shakeology because it’s going to be hard sharing your success story if you are too shy to do so. You see, by you creating and uploading your own videos onto youtube you are, in a way, sharing your story of success and, in a way, creating your own little infomercial. People that are looking to lose weight or get and shape will find you and will want to know how you are doing it.

The key here is to try to be creative and unique when you create your youtube videos. How so? For example, if I were a stay at home mom that was 30lbs overweight and was working out with Insanity I would create and title some of my videos something like ”Overweight Stay At Home Mom Attempts Insanity” or maybe something like “Busy Mom Does Insanity While Juggling Two Kids“.  You see, you need to create catchy or clever titles so that people will want to watch your videos.

As for the video itself, you can record a few seconds of you struggling with a certain workout move or maybe a video of you talking about your workout after you are all covered in sweat from doing it. Maybe you can create a video of a healthy meal you’ve learned how to make or show people how much progress you’ve made after 30 or 60 days. The possibilities are endless! Here, let me show you an example of one created that’s got me quite a few views…

The key here is to start getting some views. So what’s the point of getting all of those view? Great question which leads me to step number 4.

Step 4 To Getting Shakeology Free – Create A Simple Blog

Creating a blog is easy and free. You can make one with Google or WordPress. I recommend WordPress personally but it’s completely up to you. You can even upgrade it in the future and add your own domain name, but let’s not worry about that right now. Our main focus is to start getting your Shakeology free every month.

On your blog start writing and putting up some of the videos you have made about your journey with your workout and Shakeology. Now, what should you write about on this blog? How about all the things that you’ve been learning about eating right – how your workouts have been going, things that you have learned about fitness and health, new recipes that you’ve discovered, your before and after pictures of your transformation, and other things like that.

What you have to do is to be sincere and honest. Give your honest opinion about struggles and successes.  It is on this site that you will begin to recommend Shakeology to others. You will “sprinkle in” how Shakeology has helped out with the nutrition part of this whole thing for you. You don’t just go out and tell them “Buy Shakeology!” you try to simply recommend it by sharing how it’s helped you. Later on you can can put up a banner ads or create a section on your blog with products you recommend and use. Kind of how I have on the right side of this page.

One of my greatest ways of getting people to try Shakeology is to let Beachbody do all the work for me.

How do I do this? All I do is to get them to sign up for a FREE Beachbody account and then have Beachbody email them product information, upcoming news about Shakeology, other peoples success stories, and all sorts of things like that. Beachbody will do all that wonderful “marketing” for you! How cool is that?

Getting them to sign up is pretty easy. Simply show them how you can calculate your calorie intake with the Beachbody tools once you sign up with a free account. Create a link where they can sign up and that’s all there is two it.

Here is an example of how I do it…

How do you get people to actually visit your blog?

This is where all those youtube videos come in. To get people to visit your blog from your youtube videos, all you have to do is to create a link from your videos to your blog. How is this done? Easy. You put it in the description box. For example if you view the video above on youtube, in the description box will be a link that looks like this That exact link will be highlighted and made easy to click on. That spot is where you need to put you blog address so people can click onto it and find you. Check out the image below…

Step 5 To Getting Shakeology Free – Rinse & Repeat

It will take some time for you to start seeing anybody actually buy Shakeology from your recommendations so that you get paid commissions. The key to it all of this is being consistent and repeating the process over and over again.

It’s going to take you quite a bit of time to actually start seeing results from your workouts and using Shakeology anyways, so why not document the entire process and make a little profit from it?

Keep creating videos. Keep creating links back to your blog or website. Keep writing short but informative articles.

Look, I’ll be honest. It does take some patience but in the end it will be worth it. With so many people struggling economically, why would they not want to try to find a way to supplement their income or at least make enough to cover the cost of their own Shakeology order? With the steps outlined above it can be done.

As for myself, it took about 6 months before I actually started earning some money to cover the cost of my own Shakeology order. It will start slowly but will begin to pick up.

I now look up my Beachbody account and very often see around 4 to 6 orders of Shakeology being processed every month. This makes me enough commission to buy 2 bags of Shakeology if I wanted. I even make commissions on people ordering a fitness program, ordering other supplements, or just buying anything from Beachbody in general. I even started generate a good little chunk of money just from my youtube videos through Google Adsense that I never thought I’d get! I never would have thought I’d make enough just from that to more than cover the cost of my Shakeology.

Now I’m not getting rich with this whole thing by any stretch of the imagination. I’m a pretty busy guy with my own little towel cleaning business. My whole intention was to recommend enough Shakeology to help offset the cost of my own. With a little work I have done that and then some.

I know, with a little time and work, the same can be done for you.

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1. Get Your Mind Right!

This is probably the hardest thing you will need to do but I can’t state the importance of this enough. You must make up your mind to change your ways and start getting into shape shape!

If you can do this simple thing, I guarantee that you are more than halfway there already!

2. Decide On A Workout

What workout you say? Any workout!

Simply follow a workout that appeals to you and that is something you are able to do based on your current fitness level. (Very important! You don’t want to do something like INSANITY if you’re like 60lbs over weight!)

Pick a workout. It don’t matter if it’s a home fitness program or something designed by a personal trainer for you. It don’t matter if it’s a 3 day, 4 day or 6 day a week program, just follow one! Do this to the best of your ability.

3. Figure Out Your Calorie Intake

If you are trying to get in shape than learning how much food to eat, or your calorie intake is something that you must know. You have to learn how to eat while working out.

How are you suppose to drop body fat or gain muscle if you have know idea what your body specifically requires?

You must figure out this number. You then divide that number by 5 and you’ll know how many calories to eat per meal 5 time a day.

Example – Calorie needs equals 2000. Divide by 5 equals 400. Eat 5 meals a day of 400 calories.

4. Stop Eating Crap!

No more potato chip, french fries, pizza, soda, cookies, sweets and candy.

Yea, I know it’s gonna be rough for a while if you are used to eating these kinds of foods but the time will come when enough is enough.

Will you have to give this up forever? Of course not! You just need to limit the amount of the junk you put into your body. Here is a good way of thinking about things. 90% of the foods you eat should be good for you and 10% can be bad for you. A simple 90% to 10% should be just fine.

5. Keep It Up & Let Momentum Take Over

A train needs a tremendous amount of energy to get rolling. It starts ever so slowly and barely even moves. But the engine keeps firing and wheels just keep on turning and before you know it that train becomes an unstoppable force!

This is exactly how you have to think when your trying getting in shape. Sure it starts slow. Sure your diet might not be perfect in the beginning. You might even be terrible at your workout when you first start out.

But what you need to start doing is to start building momentum.

Once you get a good head of steam moving everything that has to do with overall fitness will get easier. Changes will start to take place on your body. Your health will begin to improve. Your clothes will look fantastic on you. Friends and family will look at you in disbelief at your changes.

All this takes place from basically getting started. Just do it, and do it, and do it until things begin to change. Build that momentum and never look back!……

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How Many Calories Does This Have?

As I talk to people about food and calories I have come to realize that most people have no idea how many calories are in certain types foods. Now I’m no nutritionist by any means, but I have a few ways to estimate the amount of calories in foods that I want to share here.

Before you begin of course, you have to know the amount of calories that you need to consume in order for you to either drop, maintain, or gain weight. So lets assume that you already know that and that your calorie intake is around 2000 calories per day. You divide up your meals into 5 for the day which leaves you with about 400 calories per meal.

So here is a very simple formula that I use in my head to estimate the calories in food that I will eat through out the day.

Meats and Proteins –  Lean Cuts 200 calories per 6 oz

The general rule of thumb that I follow with meats is that I know that roughly all lean cuts of meats like fish, chicken, beef, pork, and turkey don’t have too many calories.

Every 3 ounces of meats have about 100 calories. 6 ounces would be 200 calories and 9 ounces would be 300 calories. One boneless skinless chicken breast would roughly be about 6 ounces making it about 200 calories.

Eggs you should remember that they are about 60 to 70 calories and just the egg whites are about 30.

Fruit – 100 calories per normal medium size piece

Now fruit has a lot of calories. Most people don’t know that. They think pounding down fruit all day is healthy. In a way it is, I guess. Better than eating candy and sweets all day but fruit has a lot of calories.

For example a medium banana or a medium orange has about 100 calories. Not those huge bananas and huge oranges that have even more. My general rule of thumb on fruit is that a normal piece of fruit like an orange, apple , banana, peach, or pear has about 100 calories. 1 whole cup of berries have less though. around 50 to 75. That’s whay I love berries!

Vegetables – 50 calories per 1 cup of any type

No calories here at all! Eat all you want on these. 1 cup of veggies comes out to about 50 calories. I keep that in mind at all times when it comes to veggies.

Vegetables fill you up and never really increase your calorie intake. Plus they add plenty of nutrients and help keep you nice and regular .

I guess moms have been right for all these years.

Carbohydrates – 200 calories for 1 cup

Good old carbohydrates.

These foods pack the most calories. 1 slice of whole wheat toast is around 100 calories. 1 cup of brown rice or pasta is about 200 calories. Medium baked potato is about 200 calories. Cereals, oatmeal, waffles, pancakes and tortillas all fall in this category. I always try to remember stick to 1 serving of these in my meals.

I never take them out  or avoid them though, because they do fuel me up.

How To Estimate Calories In Condiments

Condiments like oils and dressings have lots of calories. Just 1 tablespoon of the ranch has roughly 100 calories. A tablespoon isn’t much either so you can see how easily someone can pound down too many calories without even thinking about it.

Always keep in mind that about 1 tablespoon equals around 100 calories. Once you remember that you will tend to not put too much on your foods.

Fats And Sugars Have The Most Calories

No surprise here right? These are the easiest foods to estimate calories for. Anything fatty or anything sugary will contain a butt load of calories…. period.

One last way to estimate calories in food is to simply start reading food labels. Isn’t that why they are there anyways?

Start to look from time to time. Soon you’ll start to just kinda “eyeball” a plate of food and know how many calories are on it. My lazy butt does it all the time. I’m pretty sure anyone else can do it.……

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Here is a whole lot of people out there who start working out and after just a few weeks (even days!) they start to ask “When will I see results from working out?”

It kinda makes me laugh to see people who really want and expect changes to happen overnight. I mean really. Do they really think that doing a few crunches or a couple of DVD workouts in their house is going to change their body in just a few days?

I sometimes see people at the gym, who are not in that great of shape, use an ab machine and immediately go to a mirror to lift their shirt to see if they see their abs developing.

Fat chance!” I think to myself, “It doesn’t work that way”

So when will you see results from working out? Well the truth is that it can take a pretty long time. I know a lot of you don’t want to hear that and I’m sorry to burst anybody’s bubble but it’s the truth.

One of the things I have learned as I have gotten older is that any drastic or significant change we make in our lives does take time to happen. If it took you a long time to get out of shape it will probably take just as long to get back into shape.

I mean come on, look how long it takes for us to grow hair! You really think you can change your body faster than you can grow hair? Puh…leeeeze!

The only thing you can do is to be consistent. Keep going and going. The changes will come. You just got to be patient.

This is what separates those who really want it from those who think they want it.

Stick to a workout long enough and the changes will come. I promise…. Well, I personally don’t promise, but your body will make that promise to you without ever telling you.

Put in the work and your body will promise you results. They may not come fast but they will come no matter what.……

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How Can I Get Motivated To Exercise When It’s So Hard To Do?

Doctors, nutritionist, personal trainers, and society as a whole, all tell you that we have to exercise. It’s good for everything. Your health, your looks, your energy, your mood, just about everything improves in your life when you exercise.

Still, knowing all of this, you still ask yourself, “how can I get motivated to exercise?”

If all the health benefits are not enough to get you moving, I’ve outline a few things that you may have never thought about before to help get you motivated to exercise. I will give a slight warning though, they may sound a little “shallow” and “self-centered“.

exercise workout

Care About The Way You Look

Sincerely care about what you look like. Society and a lot of “feel good” type of people will tell you that what you look like doesn’t really matter. To those people I say “bull crap!” It sure as hell does matter! You were put on this earth to get the absolute best out of yourself, in every part of your life, and this includes looking the best that you possibly can. We all have weaknesses and our strengths in our looks department but there is no excuse to not focus on your strengths.

Here is some tips. Look in the mirror and really care about what you look like. Do notexcept mediocrity. You know deep down that you are better than where you’re currently at right now. Why would you not want to look attractive and your absolute best? It is a natural desire that we all have and part of our genetic code. Don’t try to pretend that it is not there. Denying it will not make it disappear, so go ahead and except it. Truly care about what you look like and that will help get you motivated to exercise.

Try To Look Better Than Those Around You

Let’s be honest here. We are all a little competitive. We all want the nicest car. We all want the nicest house. We want to make the most money, and so on. We all think these things but we keep these thoughts to ourselves. This goes back to our natural desires. Why not use that same mentality to drive you and motivate you to exercise?

Go ahead, desire to look better than those around you. Desire to look better than your coworkers, your friends, and your relatives. You don’t have to go out and physically tell the whole world, just keep that inner dialogue in your own mind. Don’t hold back your desires to want more and look better. It’s perfectly natural.

Impress The Opposite Sex

The next time you ask yourself “how can I get motivated to exercise?” simply take a look at the opposite sex. That’s all there is to it. It doesn’t matter if your married, engaged, or in any type of relationship. The desire to impress those of the opposite sex is something that we all have and will never go away. This is, without question, the most primitive of all human desires. A man’s desire to look good in the eyes of a woman. A woman’s desire to look attractive to a man. Use this to drive you and inspire you. It may sound self-centered and shallow but it’s perfectly OK. Just keep it inside your own mind. No one has to know.

As much as we like to say that the vast majority of people exercise to improve their health, lose weight, to have energy, to feel good and so forth, we all know deep inside that they exercise to impress the opposite sex. Honestly, I see nothing wrong with that. If that’s what it takes for people to get motivated to exercise, I can only see good things coming from that. Whatever it takes to get us all moving.

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