How Can I Get Motivated To Exercise When It’s So Hard To Do?

Doctors, nutritionist, personal trainers, and society as a whole, all tell you that we have to exercise. It’s good for everything. Your health, your looks, your energy, your mood, just about everything improves in your life when you exercise.

Still, knowing all of this, you still ask yourself, “how can I get motivated to exercise?”

If all the health benefits are not enough to get you moving, I’ve outline a few things that you may have never thought about before to help get you motivated to exercise. I will give a slight warning though, they may sound a little “shallow” and “self-centered“.

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Care About The Way You Look

Sincerely care about what you look like. Society and a lot of “feel good” type of people will tell you that what you look like doesn’t really matter. To those people I say “bull crap!” It sure as hell does matter! You were put on this earth to get the absolute best out of yourself, in every part of your life, and this includes looking the best that you possibly can. We all have weaknesses and our strengths in our looks department but there is no excuse to not focus on your strengths.

Here is some tips. Look in the mirror and really care about what you look like. Do notexcept mediocrity. You know deep down that you are better than where you’re currently at right now. Why would you not want to look attractive and your absolute best? It is a natural desire that we all have and part of our genetic code. Don’t try to pretend that it is not there. Denying it will not make it disappear, so go ahead and except it. Truly care about what you look like and that will help get you motivated to exercise.

Try To Look Better Than Those Around You

Let’s be honest here. We are all a little competitive. We all want the nicest car. We all want the nicest house. We want to make the most money, and so on. We all think these things but we keep these thoughts to ourselves. This goes back to our natural desires. Why not use that same mentality to drive you and motivate you to exercise?

Go ahead, desire to look better than those around you. Desire to look better than your coworkers, your friends, and your relatives. You don’t have to go out and physically tell the whole world, just keep that inner dialogue in your own mind. Don’t hold back your desires to want more and look better. It’s perfectly natural.

Impress The Opposite Sex

The next time you ask yourself “how can I get motivated to exercise?” simply take a look at the opposite sex. That’s all there is to it. It doesn’t matter if your married, engaged, or in any type of relationship. The desire to impress those of the opposite sex is something that we all have and will never go away. This is, without question, the most primitive of all human desires. A man’s desire to look good in the eyes of a woman. A woman’s desire to look attractive to a man. Use this to drive you and inspire you. It may sound self-centered and shallow but it’s perfectly OK. Just keep it inside your own mind. No one has to know.

As much as we like to say that the vast majority of people exercise to improve their health, lose weight, to have energy, to feel good and so forth, we all know deep inside that they exercise to impress the opposite sex. Honestly, I see nothing wrong with that. If that’s what it takes for people to get motivated to exercise, I can only see good things coming from that. Whatever it takes to get us all moving.