1. Get Your Mind Right!

This is probably the hardest thing you will need to do but I can’t state the importance of this enough. You must make up your mind to change your ways and start getting into shape shape!

If you can do this simple thing, I guarantee that you are more than halfway there already!

2. Decide On A Workout

What workout you say? Any workout!

Simply follow a workout that appeals to you and that is something you are able to do based on your current fitness level. (Very important! You don’t want to do something like INSANITY if you’re like 60lbs over weight!)

Pick a workout. It don’t matter if it’s a home fitness program or something designed by a personal trainer for you. It don’t matter if it’s a 3 day, 4 day or 6 day a week program, just follow one! Do this to the best of your ability.

3. Figure Out Your Calorie Intake

If you are trying to get in shape than learning how much food to eat, or your calorie intake is something that you must know. You have to learn how to eat while working out.

How are you suppose to drop body fat or gain muscle if you have know idea what your body specifically requires?

You must figure out this number. You then divide that number by 5 and you’ll know how many calories to eat per meal 5 time a day.

Example – Calorie needs equals 2000. Divide by 5 equals 400. Eat 5 meals a day of 400 calories.

4. Stop Eating Crap!

No more potato chip, french fries, pizza, soda, cookies, sweets and candy.

Yea, I know it’s gonna be rough for a while if you are used to eating these kinds of foods but the time will come when enough is enough.

Will you have to give this up forever? Of course not! You just need to limit the amount of the junk you put into your body. Here is a good way of thinking about things. 90% of the foods you eat should be good for you and 10% can be bad for you. A simple 90% to 10% should be just fine.

5. Keep It Up & Let Momentum Take Over

A train needs a tremendous amount of energy to get rolling. It starts ever so slowly and barely even moves. But the engine keeps firing and wheels just keep on turning and before you know it that train becomes an unstoppable force!

This is exactly how you have to think when your trying getting in shape. Sure it starts slow. Sure your diet might not be perfect in the beginning. You might even be terrible at your workout when you first start out.

But what you need to start doing is to start building momentum.

Once you get a good head of steam moving everything that has to do with overall fitness will get easier. Changes will start to take place on your body. Your health will begin to improve. Your clothes will look fantastic on you. Friends and family will look at you in disbelief at your changes.

All this takes place from basically getting started. Just do it, and do it, and do it until things begin to change. Build that momentum and never look back!……